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HP17/19B II Calculator Investment Techniques


If you are interested in the most powerful financial analysis tools, this program is for you.

Investors, lenders, bankers, attorneys, accountants and real estate practitioners will receive invaluable training in financial and real estate investment analysis techniques.Participants interested in the CCIM™ program will receive custom equations covering the majority of concepts in the program.


Mr. Little has developed solver equations for retail formulas ("in-the-door" and "drive-time"), office, retail, and industrial "gap," the alternative cash sales worksheet and much more.

You WILL learn how to:

  • Calculate industry standard ratios - "CAP" RATES, GRM'S, equity yield rates, cash-on-cash.
  • Compute debt coverage ratios and potential financing.
  • Use the time value of money menu to evaluate balloon, ARM, GRM, and GPARM loans.
  • Use the "cash flow" menu to solve net present value, net uniform series, net future value and more.
  • Utilize financial analysis techniques that are taught nowhere else.
  • Calculate internal rate of return (IRR) and FMRR.
  • Master the cash flow menu to evaluate investments, unequal payments and more.
  • Create your own menus using the incredible solver.

This leading program has been successfully utilized by bankers, brokers, CCIM™ and CPM™ candidates, investors and others in the finance and real estate investment fields to maximize their skills in financial and investment analysis techniques.

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