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Computer Calc™ Pro

(This software requires Microsoft Excel™ on a Windows™ or Mac PC.)


Make the numbers work for you! The Computer Calc™ and Computer Calc™ Pro are powerful, easy-to-use tools that will enable you to profit from opportunities and structure transactions you never dreamed possible. Just think what you could accomplish if you could control and see behind the numbers!

  • Outstanding Manual With Comprehensive, Easy-to-Follow Examples
  • Unique Existing Note Calculators That Display Alternatives as Assumptions are Entered and Allow Easy "Side-by-Side" Comparisons of Financing Alternatives
  • Powerful Amortization Calculators That Handle ARM, GPM, GPARM, Skipped Payment, Balloon Payment, and Irregular Payment Notes
  • One-of-a-Kind Yield Calculators That Automatically Display the Initial Investment, Profit, Yield, Points, Alternative Investments at Desired Yields, and More
  • Unique Build Note Model For Participation Loans, Custom Financing, and Converting Interest Income to Capital Gains Income
  • Versatile Discount Note and APR Calculators
  • Determine Yield, Points, Profit, Investment Base, Payback and More
  • Automatic Net Sheet for Existing, Build, Discount and APR Note Scenarios
  • Yield Worksheets With Target IRR, NPV, Points, Investment Base, and Profit
  • Stand-Alone Yield Worksheet With Target IRR, NPV, Points, Investment Base, and Profit
  • Annual Internal Rate of Return Calculators for 5, 10, and 15 Year Investment Periods Which Display Yield Proofs, Net Present Value, Net Uniform Series, and Net Future Value Alternatives for Achieving Desired Yields
  • A Wraparound Worksheet With a Summary of the Terms of Two Notes, Target IRR, NPV, Points, Investment Base, and Profit

The Pro Version of Computer Calculator™ includes all of the Above Features Plus

  • A Date Calculator for General Date and 1031 Exchange Calculations
  • A Tax Rate Calculator for Overall Tax Rate Calculations
  • An Easy-to-Use Rent Calculator Calculates Tenant Improvement, Leasing Fees and Rent Costs for Multiple Lease Terms on Rentable and Usable S.F. Basis
  • Powerful Present Value Calculators That Effortlessly Solve the Most Challenging Irregular Payment Problems
  • Present Value Calculators That Determine "Flat Rent" Alternatives to Graduated or Periodic Percentage Rent Increases
  • The Computer Calc™ Pro Manual Features Detailed "Real World" Examples Demonstrating the New Features

Download Product Example: Computer_Calc_Pro.pdf

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