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Dynamic Tool$ For Real Estate Finance And Investment


For Real Estate Finance And Investment

At last ... a program featuring some of the finest tools and forms used by the sharpest investors to maximize their returns. You'll want to learn these tools before your competition does.

  • One-of-a-kind substitution of collateral agreement-how to move the mortgage to another property.
  • Actual beneficiary statement and demand forms.
  • Partial release provision; substitution of trustee and deed of reconveyance forms.
  • Comprehensive custom note and deed of trust exhibits.
  • Hewlett-Packard HP-12C, HP-10B, HP-17BII discount note examples.
  • Computer Calculator™ example.
  • Comprehensive contract and escrow instructions for purchase of note and deed of trust.
  • Note modification agreement. Assignment of note; assignment of deed of trust.
  • Listing agreement for the sale of a note.
  • Custom mortgage acquisition data sheet.
  • Custom mortgage analysis form and much, much more...

Ever hear the saying, It's not the price ... it's the terms ... ?
Come to this seminar and learn the rest of the story.


  • LEVEL: This intermediate course is designed for all parties interested in the topic.

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