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Real Estate Inve$tment Analy$i$ & Exchange


Learn How To Analyze Real Estate Investments & Structure Exchanges Using State-of-the-Art Tools Many Have Said is the Best and Most Comprehensive One-Day Course on the subject.

TAXATION: Application of Income Tax Regulations to Investment Analyses

  • Property Classifications - Dealer - Investment - Trade or Business
  • Basis Rules - Realized, Recognized and Deferred Gains
  • Cost Recovery Depreciation Rules
  • Passive Loss & At -Risk Rules

INVESTMENT ANALYSIS: Case Study Sample Analyses

  • Property Analysis
  • Tenant's Estoppel Certificate
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • After-Tax Sale Analysis
  • Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3 Analyses (Output from instructor's models)

YIELD ANALYSIS: Explanation of IRR (Yield) -- NPV With Examples

  • Cash Flow Diagrams
  • IRR Worksheet
  • FMRR -Detailed Discussion With Comprehensive Example
  • Hewlett-Packard HP-10B, HP-12C and HP-17/19BII Calculator Examples (No calculator is needed for this course)

EXCHANGES: Fully Documented Five-Way Exchange With Escrow Instructions, ClosingStatements, and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Analysis of Each Leg (25-Page Section!)

  • 1031 Exchange Regulations
  • Boot Rules
  • Calculation of Realized, Recognized and Deferred Gains
  • Calculation of Basis in Replacement Property
  • Exchange Cooperation Clause
  • Identification Rules
  • Delayed Exchange Assignment Forms
  • The Comparative Exchange Analysis Form
  • Exchange Recapitulation Worksheet Case Studies -- and More

Countless students have called this the
best program they've ever attended.

This one-day seminar will provide you with a great exposure to the important concepts and tools needed to succeed in the real estate investment field.


  • LEVEL: This intermediate course is designed for all parties interested in the topic.

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